Best digital marketing skills to take you to the next level.

Digital marketing has completely taken over the traditional marketing techniques. It enables the marketer to reach out to a large set of audience in a short span of time.As more and more people move on to smartphones, tablets and computers, digital marketing has increasingly gained importance.

Let’s see how digital marketing has evolved over the years.In the early 1990’s the internet and world wide web allowed people to find information, but there wasn’t much relevance of using the digital platform for marketing. The year 1993 marked the beginning of the digital marketing era when the first clickable banner ad went live. In 1998, search engines like Google and MSN were launched and marketers began to realize the importance of high search engine rankings.

SEO techniques like keyword stuffing, excessive tagging and backlinks helped generate high rankings. In 2006 there was an extensive surge in the search engine traffic. Google came up with Adwords (Pay per click) and Adsense (Cost per click) advertising schemes. Web 2.0 that allowed user interaction led to massive information flow volumes

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The next development of social networking sites like Facebook opened up a world of opportunities for marketers to promote their product. But marketing of products using the digital medium required new approaches and concepts. Advertisers began to use cookies to analyze the browsing patterns of the users to tailor their promotional activities according to the user preferences.

Today Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram are heavily used by digital marketing professionals.With the advent of new devices like Smartphones and tablets more and more customers are moving online.The world of digital marketing changes everyday. New leaps in technology changes the way digital marketers use this medium for promotion. They need to keep up with the emerging trends in order to succeed in this competitive era.

The success of digital marketing strategy depends on how well the business interacts with its audience. This interaction is not just limited to websites and emails. The marketers need to harness the potential of 5Ds to gain an edge over its competitors. Let’s see what these 5Ds are.


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