How can small business drive better sales Revenues today

How can small business drive better sales Revenues today

Sales is a complicated process and to control and drive it towards success, a smarter approach is required. That is where Sales Intelligence comes into play. It provides real-time insights and predictive analysis to ameliorate the overall sales performance. An actionable intelligence can support your sales efforts and help your team in taking practical actions. Sales intelligence facilitates smarter decisions; it is a more intelligent and thoughtful way of managing your sales process.

Sales intelligence drives bottom line business growth by taking selling to a whole new level. As per a research by Sales Intelligence Challenge-CSO Insights, effective use of sales intelligence augments revenue productivity per sales rep by 17%.

When teamed with technology

Teaming Sales Intelligence with advanced technologies gives small businesses a more in-depth visibility into their sales cycle and helps in refining the whole sales process. It aids in amassing and collating the prospects’ information as well as ameliorates the quality and quantity of the data for better sales opportunities. The main aim of such tools is to quickly move prospects from all the stages of the sales pipeline to convert them into paying customers.

Sales intelligence software acquaints the sales rep with prospect’s interest and helps in prioritizing the follow-up activities. It provides valuable analytics and revenue centric view of sales opportunities for streamlining the sales process and increasing conversions.

As per a study, users of sales intelligence software have experienced 56% better conversion rates compared to the non-users and the same study also found that 46% of sales reps who used the software achieved their sales quota versus 26% who didn’t use the software.

To conclude

Sales Intelligence is the smart way to sell, it shortens the sales cycle and gives the sales rep access to insightful data for quickly pushing the deal to the closing stage. Things get more convenient for the sales professionals when their sales CRM like Salesmate, have an in-built sales intelligence feature which help them focus on mere selling.  It cuts down their additional tasks and gives them a better understanding about the prospects for building a better relationship and increasing their sales. There are other equally excellent sales software systems in the market. Read our in-depth reviews of the top sales proposal automation software solutions to pick the right one for your business needs.

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