How Do I Know Which Social Platform Is Right For My Business

How Do I Know Which Social Platform Is Right For My Business


Figuring out the right social media platform for your business can lead your business to riches, or lead you down a long winding road that leaves you in the middle of nowhere.

To put it simply: You need to get it right straight-away.

And there are ways that will help you work out which channel is best for you and it is very simple.

In this article, we’re going to help you discover which one is right for you so that you spend more time maximising your sales and less time on social channels that give you no ROI or ROAS.

How To Work Out What The Best Social Media Platform Is For Your Business

There are a few ways you can work out what social media platform is going to give you the biggest return on your investment, such as:

  • Looking at what your competitors are focused on
  • Where your competitors aren’t focusing on
  • Social channels that work for your particular business

Looking At What Your Competitors Are Focused On

Where are your competitors focusing their attention?

You can find this out by following their accounts and there’s a little SECRET that Facebook has given the general public which you can find here:


Just click the See more button in the box highlighted and you will then be taken to a page that says:


As you can see, we’re not currently running any ads at the time of writing but if your competitor is, then you can click on Go To Ad Library and you will see every ad they are running.

This is a huge advantage that most business owners and dare we say agencies, don’t know!

It’s there for the taking.

And it works the same for Google ads too where you can use tools to help you view competitors Google Ads, such as SEMrush.

Here’s how you find your competitors Google ads on SEMrush:


When you type in your domain, SEMrush will then find competitors similar to your business and bring up ads like:



What Your Competitors Aren’t Focusing On

It’s also crucial to know what your competitors aren’t focusing on.

They will know the market better than most right?

If you don’t see your competitors using Pinterest for example, they may not be using that particular channel for a reason – it’s not spending money!

On the flip side, they may be missing out on a huge opportunity which you can take advantage of!

What if the reason they’re not using a certain social channel is that they’re not aware of it?

With the rise of new social channels that are predominantly used by children such as Tik Tok, you can quickly become an industry leader in a short space of time within a specific channel.

You’ll unlikely get to that stage with the likes of Facebook or Instagram, but have a look around and see if you can maximise your efforts.

Social Channels That Work For Your Business

Some social channels won’t be necessary for your business by the way…

For example, does a fast-fashion ecommerce store really need to be on LinkedIn which is predominantly a social network for business professionals?

You decide.

However, if you are a fast-fashion ecommerce store then you will want to focus on the likes of Instagram and Pinterest.

They’re image and video heavy so you can showcase your products and people enjoy interacting on these channels too, due to their visual nature.

Pretty soon, your customers will end up deciding it for you with their money.

Don’t be surprised if you see 80% of your audience condensed into one channel while other channels receive little to no attention.

That’s normal for most businesses.

Get great at one and then start branching out!

What Do We Recommend As a Digital Marketing Agency?

We, as a digital marketing agency, are not going to sit on the fence for this one and we’re going to give you a definite answer…

The majority of our clients have seen success from using Facebook advertising.

Specifically Facebook – not Instagram to make it clear by the way.

It’s becoming more effective at targeting people because it’s an algorithm and the more data an algorithm has, the more accurate it becomes.

And when you see Facebook advertising as a long-term strategy, where you’re not looking to make a quick buck off of £5 Facebook ads but rather invest in the long-term, Facebook reciprocates by giving you higher-quality customers, lowest cost-per-result and most importantly, many more sales!



Studies have shown that 90% of businesses in the States were using social media and that 66% were using some form of online advertising.

If you want to compete, then you need to be using social media as a marketing channel and investing part of your marketing budget into online advertising.

You can take a lot of precautions to make sure you minimise the risk of investing money into online marketing by using free tools such as SEMrush which offers a 14-day free trial.

Good luck!


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