The Top 7 Hacks for Viral Marketing

The Top 7 Hacks for Viral Marketing

 Admit it… One and all will be having a dream of going viral on the internet. The idea behind viral marketing is to inspire people to spread your message for you. It’s been valued that an effective viral operation can have 500-1000 times more impact than what you get from regular advertisements. It is hugely powerful.
Viral Marketing is a really cool mechanism. Just imagine about it…, instead of spending an insane amount of money on newspaper ads, TV commercials, or banner ads – you spent nothing, and let your fans do all the work for you.
One of the fundamental equations of viral growth is,
                             k = e . i 
        where “e” is the efficiency of your loop and “i” is the average number of invites per user. “k” is the viral coefficient or the average number of additional users each new user brings in. If k >1, you get viral growth.


The word marketing comes from the words “market” and “getting”. Viral marketing is when somebody makes a video or a graphic content which are memorable and attention-grabbing, that booms their aimed audience in our modern, always-connected world. That content is shared to the point that it spreads like fire, or drives viral. It’s a way of word-of-mouth advertising that can reach a large number of people very quickly through different social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and many more. Thanks to modern communication technology. When a marketing operation goes viral, a business’s sales, commitment, and brand alertness can rise dramatically.


Publicity: Online, the public decides who gets publicity.  It’s not as easy what you think. You will still need to catch the attention of some pretty important people, the kind of people sitting at home in front of computers, wearing maybe a housecoat and slippers. This can be a tough crowd too.
Crafting a successful viral marketing operation is not as easy you think. It involves careful planning and study. We can help you with this by some of the tricks based on this topic. Keep Reading.


This one explains itself. Want people to notice you? Then do something different – something completely unexpected. The main point is – Don’t try to be a copycat!


The most important key of all is to build emotions. Develop an attitude and motivate strong feelings. Forget neutral, stop pleasing everyone to promote your products. Everyone has done that. Try doing something new and exciting. You want the public to be filled with love or hate, to be very joyful or insanely heated, to be a genius or a jerk. You want the public’s blood to be pumping of excitement. Viral Marketing is 100% about emotions.


The biggest mistake companies make is that they think viral marketing is advertising – it is not. Traditional Marketing is promoting your products, telling your product is the best, showing how good it is, making your product the center of attraction. But guess what?? No one is going to care about it.

All the public needs is a good story. The key to truly connecting with anyone, online or off is a good story. Forget about you, your product, and your company. Now, focus on creating a good and interesting story, which you think will go viral. Make the story sound exciting – which makes public to stop, read, and share your story. No matter what, you must have a story that the public wants to hear and then you’ve got to live that story. You can also mix about your product in it, but it should not be the most important one.


Making Sequels is another big trick for viral marketing. Now that you have got public’s attention, you need to act; you need to give them more – more sequels.  You should make them come more close to you by building more sequels. Forget about updating a new episode every 2 weeks. Public’s attention will not last that long. Give them everything now!


Viral Marketing is all about sharing. For something to actually go viral, it needs to be shared over and over again. Only if people share, then the content can go viral. Everything you make should be able to share by the public which helps in the success of the viral operation. So encourage the public to share, download, and embed the content. Allow the public to share via mail or through other social networks.


Another important trick is to connect with your audience. Now that public has got your attention, they are excited, and they want to talk to you. Comments are one of the most effective ways to do it. Here, some people may like it, but some people might be angry. You have to accept both in your comments.  So the best way to make your viral operation success is through participating yourself in comments.


You should also consider the date and time when you share your content. Marketers usually share their contents on vacation seasons. This is one of the major tricks that you should take care of. For example, if you share any content on Saturday 8.00 PM, people are busy on watching TV, maybe outing with friends, or out for a dinner. So, you should plan and decide when and where to post your content at a planned time.

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